Used in combination with PENETRON for filling non-moving cracks and construction joints, form-tie holes, honeycombed areas and structurally damaged concrete. PENECRETE MORTAR consists of Portland cement, very fine treated silica sand and various active, proprietary chemicals. It is applied in laminated layers to areas that have been opened and cut-back to sound concrete for repair to provide protection against water ingress.


Applied in conjunction with PENETRON® for:

Installation of seal strips, reglets and coves at joints to assure water tightness

Patching of tie holes and faulty construction joints

Patching and filling of routed out cracks

Repairing of spalled and honeycombed areas

Material Calculator

Containers (Neat)

Available in a 1 Gallon Container or a 5 Gallon Container

Disclaimer: Designed for thickness range of 0" to 0" Neat. These calculations are approximations only and do not take into account waste and variations in job site conditions or application.